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You have your webinar topic but how do you create a clever title so that people get excited to sign up for your webinar? 

If you're paralyzed on what to title your webinar, I've got you covered because by the end of this article, you'll have a better understanding of how to create an irresistible title with just a few tweaks.

If you're new to me and somehow made it to this article first, I want you to point your attention to my Getting Started With Webinars series.

We are talking about the webinar title here...if you're interested in creating better headlines for your blog posts, social media posts or sales page TO PROMOTE your webinar or just those pieces of content in general then read this article here...

Back to webinar titles...

Once you have the topic, you can begin on naming your webinar.

If you haven't decided on your topic yet, you can read this article here to learn how to pick a webinar topic that is both result-oriented and lucrative. You can also watch the YouTube video here. 

And here is another article on webinar topics you can read titled Trending Webinar Topics: 5 Webinar Topics Proven to Generate More Leads And Sales.

This is one of the most important aspects of having a successful webinar because a strong title will literally compel your audience to want to register and attend.

Think about it, there's probably other entrepreneurs or business owners hosting the same topic as you.

Your topic is something that they want and your title draws them in.

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Think about a particular book or online course.

There are literally hundreds of books on the "topic" dieting, sex and relationships, entrepreneurship, personal finances, and training your dog.

But it's the title of that certain book that gets it off the shelf and into your arms if you have never heard of the author before.

So an irresistible topic for your webinar is great, but it's just that no one will get to hear it.... if the title of the webinar isn’t compelling. You feel me?

Here's the thing: people are attending your webinar because they want to achieve something. If what they want is the very thing that your webinar promises to deliver, you’ve got a winning combination. (And we'll talk about your BIG bold Promise, the ONE THING you're promising in another video).

Super Clever Titles?

You don't need a super clever title.

The best titles show your clients that they can solve an urgent problem, or achieve a highly desirable result. And you can even add some curiosity in your title as a way to draw them in more, but again, for starters keep it really simple.

Here is an example: How to get from 0 YouTube Subscribers to over 100,000 within one year. Adding a title that provokes curiosity is My #1 Simple Hack That Grew My YouTube Subscribers from 0 to Over 100,000 within one year. Because now it's like - What's the Hack?!

My two favorite kinds of titles are “The How to” and the “X number of steps” titles.

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“How to” is the most common and best way to start a title if you are unsure. And if you're feeling a little creative you can try to add curiosity to HOOK your audience in but again keep it simple and test it with your audience first.

So here's a really simple script to create your webinar title or any title for that matter:

How to (get the result) without (doing something your audience doesn’t want).

Keep your titles results-oriented and not process-oriented. Make it about the result... either getting out of pain or problem or getting into a desirable result.

Upgrade Your Titles

Now here are a couple of upgrades you can add to your title.

You can include a time frame ---- in only 3 minutes a day. ---- in the next 30 days.

  • So for example, How to add 1,000 email subscribers in the next 30 days.

Include a common objection. ---- Even if..... and Without doing this......

  • So for example, How to lose 20 lbs in the next 30 days WITHOUT dieting.
  • How to add 1,000 email subscribers in the next 30 days without paid traffic.
  • How to prepare the best Super Bowl Meal EVEN IF you hate to cook.

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Which title Is More Powerful?

I mean think about it. If you had to choose between 3 webinars which would you choose -

A. How to lose 20 lbs quick

B. How to lose 20 lbs in the next 30 days...

C. How to lose 20 lbs in the next 30 days without dieting...

If you follow me on YouTube, you can let me know in the comments which title you prefer. Or just come over to say hi. 

Now I just shared the top two headline titles but there are also best-kept secrets, a Q and A title, Common Mistakes to avoid titles, or Little know secrets...to name a few.

But be easy on yourself and pick a HOW TO...Make it result-oriented (something that they want) and add a time frame and/or objection they want to avoid. BOOM!

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At the end of the day, the main reason for doing webinars is to help you attract more people and make more money with less work.

Yes, you will also create exposure, inspire people, and deliver amazing content. But the #1 reason for doing free webinars in the first place, is to help people...hire you....or invest in your programs.

That’s what separates using webinars as a hobby or Corporate employee training and doing it for profit.

Now you know how to create a webinar title, but what happens after that?

Ways To Get More Support

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