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Are you an online female entrepreneur sick and tired of being the world's best-kept secret? Then you ought to be doing webinars!

But where do you start?

Read on and I am going to teach you how to get started with webinars and equip you with action steps so that you can get started today!

When you add a free 45 minute to an hour value-added presentation funnel to your marketing, it becomes the gateway through which your clients come to know you as the expert while also getting help with the very thing that they need. 

And when you have the right funnel, lots of the right potential clients are going to want to come into your world.

But if you are the world's best-kept secret - learning who you are and what you have to offer can become challenging. So the way we invite the right people is by picking a value-added webinar. 

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How do you choose a compelling webinar topic?

Before creating the content for your webinar, you have to know what it's about right? And that's choosing a topic, but not just any topic, an irresistible webinar topic.

If the webinar topic isn’t compelling, irresistible and not aligned with your offer, it will be hard to get people to register for your webinar and harder to entice them enough to respond to your offer because of pattern interrupt.

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Your webinar will help your ideal client know that you can clearly see their problem and possess the success path to where they want to go. Meaning your offer must be the logical next step after someone has just completed your webinar.

And an irresistible topic is one that focuses on the result your ideal clients crave and are willing to invest in.

An irresistible topic may start with you but it shouldn't end with you.

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A TRULY- irresistible topic is the one your audience votes on.

So it's important to not get too hung up on a topic and spend too much time trying to pick one out because the best topic is the one your market responds to anyway!

This doesn't mean hosting an entire webinar to test your topic. Testing your topic can be accomplished in a blog post, a live stream, or social media posts just to see how the market (your market) responds. It’s all about trial and error.

So an irresistible webinar topic is one that focuses on:

  • the result your audience wants
  • is willing to pay for
  • a topic you know how to solve
  • you want to be known for as an expert

And while we are at it, I'll also add that it’s also one that you’re passionate about. Being passionate about your topic is more on how to deliver your webinar, but I'm going to say it here while we are talking about topics because choosing a topic that's not interesting to you or you're not passionate about will make the delivery of your webinar boring. So when settling on a topic keep passion in mind also.

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Where do you begin?

The first step in narrowing it down is deciding which of the four mega-niches your webinar will concentrate on.

We've already talked about them when choosing your offer. And so whatever you choose for your offer, it's going to be the exact same niche that you will pick for your topic but let's go over the 4 mega markets or 4 mega niches again. And when we do this we position our offer and our webinar topic for profit.

I want you to pick one of the following:

  • Money
  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development

Now you may be a situation where you feel your topic doesn’t fit into money, health, relationships, or personal development. And that's okay!

Even if your topic doesn't naturally fit into a certain category such as potty training your dog as a topic, you can market your topic to make it fit into one of the mega niches.

I will prove it! The example is potty training your dog.

  • Money - potty training your dog saves you money because you don't have to rip out the carpet and purchase new carpet.
  • Health - potty training your dog is healthy because if you have a 9-month-old crawling on the floor you don't have to worry about them inhaling urine.
  • Relationships - potty training your dog with help your relationship because of eliminating all the arguments from your spouse or partner about the stupid dog who's pissing all over the place. or potty training your dog strengthens your relationship with the dog.
  • Personal Development - potty training your dog is an art. You are mentally growing when you can achieve the patient and consistency needed to potty train a dog and this discipline and help in other areas.

So spin it to one of those lucrative markets.

You can find an additional explanation in the Webinar Jumpstart Workbook starting on page 20.

What is the #1 pain point your audience is struggling with?

Now that you have positioned your webinar topic for profit, you next need to narrow down your topic to the #1 pain point your audience is struggling with or #1 result your audience desires.

You can have a webinar that talks to them about how to move away from the pain. Or you can have a webinar topic that gets them to the desire they are wanting. Either way is fine and both are very effective. Just choose which approach is right for YOUR audience.

Remember this when deciding whether to go with pain point for your topic or desires: People pay to get out of hell. They don't pay to get into heaven.

Now, when you have a hot webinar topic that combines both of them, that’s awesome too!

It’s much easier to offer your webinar on a topic that people are already interested in rather than create a topic that you need to educate people on just to pique their interest.

A lucrative topic is centered not on an idea but on a result. With a lucrative or irresistible topic you are taking a potential client who may be suffering, or tolerating something in their life or business, or they may be not doing so well in an area of their life. And you are showing them how to get out of that place and lead them to a new and better place, which is the result they want.

3 tools that can aid you in the process of picking a topic.

1. Live Market Research

The best thing you can do is to survey your list. If you have a newsletter list, simply send your list a one-question survey with this question:

“What’s the #1 challenge you have with <your field of expertise>?”

2. Google or YouTube (Online Research)

For example, if you are a relationship coach, go to the top 5 web sites offering dating advice, and see what the hottest topics are. You can just Google “dating advice” to find those top websites.

I would also add Amazon to the list of sites to add to your research.
Amazon has an exponentially-increasing databank of books and products and is a great resource for figuring out your topic.

You can even lookup related products. Such as wedding bands. That's something that's in the neighborhood of dating and relationship advice.

3. Facebook

Go to Facebook groups and search for your topic. Include terms with your topic like help, struggle, struggling, support, #ask and any other words that may fish out questions people are struggling within your topic.

Now you know how to create a webinar topic, but what happens after that? Go to this video to create your irresistible webinar title. 👇🏾👇🏾

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