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Great webinar topics hook an audience and captivate them from the start by creating desire.

Create desire with webinar topics or titles, that are simply irresistible. The webinar topic must be so desirable and so irresistible that there’s no way your audience can pass up your content.

You want your title to be scroll proof when it’s posted on social media.

So let’s get into a few of those topics right now…

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1. The “How To”

My favorite kind of topic is the “how-to” topic.

When people are searching Google or YouTube, most times, people are trying to learn how to do something.

“How-to” webinar topics are one of the most shared topic ideas.

The “how-to” is how your audience is searching for a solution online. Below are examples of webinar topics that are “How to’s”…

  • How to lose 8 pounds in seven days?
  • How to sell without sounding sleazy?
  • How to get 7 coaching clients on a webinar?

2. Behind The Scenes

A second topic you may choose is giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your processes.

It’s a way to show your audience what you do and how it’s possible for them also.

Before I launched my podcast, I shared behind the scenes in my Facebook group. Sharing your day or your behind-the-scenes will also grow that know, like and trust factor because you’re really showing them the good the bad and the ugly of your life or business.

Think of it as taking something complicated and breaking it down into manageable easy chunks. This itself is so valuable.

Topic title examples…

  • Behind the scenes look at how I launch my podcasts.
  • Ideal to launch: behind the scenes look on how I create a profitable course
  • Follow me as I coach a live prospect on a discovery call.

3. The “Best Kept Secret”

Another great topic is best-kept secrets because if it’s a secret than that means it’s exclusive and not everybody knows about it.

People generally don’t want to be left out or they want that edge to advance beyond the competition. For example…

  • I’ve broken the code: The three best kept secrets to cracking the code to Facebook ads.
  • The secret to applying the best brand and standing out in your market
  • 10 little-known hacks that will make you passive income

4. The “Step-by-Step”

Similar to the how-to, the step-by-step lets your audience know that they’re going to get their solution answered one step at a time.

The “step-by-step” is a step-up from the “how-to.”

Here are some examples…

  • The step-by-step approach to filling up your webinars without using Facebook ads.
  • The 5 simple steps to fill up your webinar without using Facebook ads.
  • Checking it Twice: Building Your Audience

5. The “# Common Mistakes”

Everybody makes mistakes. We’re all human. And I’m sure you’ve heard of that saying “experience is the best teacher?”

Well, I believe other people experiences are the best teacher.

You can learn from someone else’s mistakes so you can avoid them. This makes a great webinar topic, especially when you KNOW your audience and now their biggest struggle.

Here are some examples…

  • The 10 most common mistakes entrepreneurs make but you can avoid.
  • Five common traps every parent should avoid in order to raise happy and determined kids.
  • Costly webinar mistakes and how to avoid them.

How to Upgrade Every Topic

Each of these webinar topics can be upgraded by adding a pain point focus.

So survey your audience and figure out their biggest, number one struggle and then create a webinar topic around it.

For example, during your research, you learn what your audience is afraid of tech. You can have a webinar that simplifies the tech that they struggle with.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, each one of these topics can be upgraded by focusing on a result or desire that your audience wants.

  • How to write your next best seller book in the next 10 weeks
  • A step-by-step approach to creating writing and launching your e-book in the next 90 days.
  • 5 simple tricks to ALWAYS taking the best pictures of your kids even if you suck at photography.

I’m sure your head is spinning with all the ideas you could come up with to speak about on your webinar.

If you really want to simplify this and if you really don’t want to waste your time creating a topic that nobody gives a crap about you simply need to ask them.

First, find three people who you feel would benefit from your solution. Then ask them what their biggest struggles are.

Based on their most popular response you will have your webinar topic.

The most important step is to not overthink it!

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