KAJABI TUTORIAL: How to Connect Google Analytics To Kajabi

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How To Connect Google Analytics With Kajabi

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Google Analytics is a great way to track audiences that show up on your Kajabi site. But first you must integrate Google Analytics with Kajabi. It's pretty easy. And this is how you can track Kajabi analytics. 

Why would you want to even do this? Well if you want to know where your traffic is coming from (are they finding me on Pinterest, YouTube, twitter, or are they typing my website address directly etc.), where in the world those people are located, and even conversions, please integrate Google Analytics to Kajabi.

It's sooooo totally easy. Even if you think you won't need it, just do it anyway so it can still collect data for you. Better to have and not need, then realize you need and miss out on all that previous data.

To follow along you need these accounts:

To connect Google Analytics

Find and copy your Google Analytics Tracking ID:

  • Go to your Google Analytics dashboard: analytics.google.com 
  • Grab the Tracking ID from Google Analytics by clicking Admin, Tracking Info then Tracking Code. The ID will be in the top Left Corner.
  • Copy the ID to your clipboard and then head over to the Kajabi Dashboard.

Input the number into Kajabi's Google Analytics connector. 

  • From the dashboard, click the Settings tab at the bottom of your sidebar.
  • Click on the Third-Party Integrations tab.
  • Scroll down and find the Google Analytics tool and click the toggle On.
  • Once you have switched it On insert your Tracking ID Number.
  • Click Save. 

Watch Video Version:

Tweet this video to help others who need it: https://ctt.ac/ip3C2

Do you need Kajabi?

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