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Wanna add social sharing icon for your Kajabi blog? Well so did I which is why I did it and now you're going to learn how to do it too! Go ahead and look to the left side of the screen 😀 Yes! Those are the buttons you're going to learn if you keep reading. Or you can even watch the YouTube video if that's more convenient for you. 

Kajabi 2020 doesn't have social sharing buttons and you have to use a third party app to get the social sharing icons.

My favorite is AddThis. You can use AddThis to your Kajabi site & landing pages for Social Sharing. When you're ready, watch this video to add social sharing buttons in Kajabi.

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If you've been following this blog since January 2020, you may have noticed that I didn't have any convenient way of sharing my blog on social media like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest etc. Then again, maybe you didn't even notice. Because I didn't. 

It just literally popped in my head that I don't have social sharing buttons like Warfare for WordPress. I had to fix this ASAP! And 10 minutes later I did. If you are a Kajabi user this may be of interest to you. 

Trust me... you want to do this. Social sharing buttons enables your readers to easily share your content on social media and even easily email a copy of the content. It helps you by spreading your reach to new audiences because your content is shared. So you want to do this. 

TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ac/Ysaa1

What You'll Need

  1. A Kajabi website. If you sign up through my affiliate link you can enjoy getting Kajabi for 28 days free instead of going directly to their site and only getting 14-day trial. 
  2. An AddThis account. In addition to share buttons, AddThis also offers a full suite of website tools to add to your site. However, in this article we will only be addressing their social sharing feature. I encourage you to take a self-tour and see if there's anything else in there that your Kajabi site could benefit from. 

Create Your Social Sharing Buttons

 Go to addthis.com. Then click on Activate Share Buttons.

The next screen you'll see will say Select a Tool. They have all these tools. You can go in here later and look around yourself. However, today we are focusing on the first tool titled, "Share Button." So go ahead and click on it.  

On the left hand side you're going to see Select a Tool Type. Your options are 

  • Floating (This is the one I use and teach in the YouTube video.)
  • Inline
  • Expanding
  • Image Sharing
  • Popup
  • Banner
  • Slider

If you're curious what all these options look like, all you have to do is click on each one and you will see a representation in the body of the site. On the top bar, there is also and option to change the preview size to see how the buttons would look on mobile. I assume the mobile version also includes devices like tablets in vertical orientation (portrait) and the laptop view includes tablets in horizontal orientation (landscape).

Select the tool you want. By default Floating is already selected. 

At the bottom left click Continue to advance to the next step.

Sharing Services

You will see two radio buttons and by default Smart Sorting is selected. The website says it's Recommended, however, I recommend you choose Selected by You.  

By choosing 'Selected by You' you get to choose your own social networks and customize the order. Click on 'ADD MORE SERVICES' and choose from several social sharing services. 

I advise that the last option be AddThis. This will allow your readers or visitors to choose whatever other services they may like to use including email if you exclude it from your main options. All they would need to do is click on the '+' and they will see the same options as you. 

You can also deduct the services defaulted in site by clicking on the 'x'.

In the video included in this article, I go through each of the 5 tabs and explain a little of what each does and mean. You can follow along by skipping to 04:53.2.

Otherwise in this article, I will only go through the main tabs that I feel are most important. 

Share Counters

Skipping the Design tab and going right to the Share Counters tab, I want to explain what this tab is about. The Share Counters tab lets you know how many times your content has
been shared. You can click on the Share Count Minimum to hide the share count until a minimum of shares have met the threshold of what you selected. 

For example, lets say you chose a share count minimum of 5. If your blog post has been
shared on Facebook only four times, the count will not show. It will how show a count for that social button once the threshold of 5 has been met. See the image below how Twitter shows not count but Pinterest shows a count of one. 

This is up to you whether or you choose to add a minimum count. Mine is set to zero. However, if you feel weird about others seeing you content has only been shared 1 time then you may want to consider choose a threshold. Your options goes from 5 to 1000. 

Behavior Tab 

Skipping the Position tab, let's go to the Behavior tab. You can get an explanation of the Position tab by watching the YouTube video and going to timestamp 05:56.4.

Do nothing here IF you want the social share buttons to show up on every single page of your website. Which I advise you do NOT do. There's an assumption here that you do NOT have the most expensive Kajabi plan that allows you to manipulate code. So with that said this is what we're going to do to ONLY have social sharing icons on your blog. 

First things first. What's the address of your blog? Mine is www.aprillereed.com/blog. Whatever your address is that is what you place in the 'Show on Only These Pages' section. 

See my example below. So what this does is when you go to my blog home page you will see the social share links but they will also appear for each individual blog post. Sweet!

I don't advise adding social sharing buttons to every page of your website although you can certainly do that by omitting the step where I add www.aprillereed.com/blog*

Note: I notice in the example the default address is addthis.com/blog/*. I did not add the second / when I set up my social sharing buttons. I added what you see in the image, www.aprillereed.com/blog* Why? well because I just didn't notice there was a second forward slash. However, my site works fine without it. So totally up to you if you want to add the second /. 

When you're finish Click on Activate Tool.

Get The Code

Once you click on Activate Tool, the next page you should see is Get The Code. Because we are using Kajabi, we need to use the code that's specific for An HTML Website. However, you can see the other types of sites that AddThis supports like WordPress.

It's not pictured here but scroll down on this page and you will see your code. Click the plus sign to copy the code into your clipboard. 

The instruction say to "Paste the above code right above the closing</body> of the HTML in your website on every page you want AddThis to work." However, with Kajabi we do not have this option. At least we do not have the option unless you have paid for the Pro plan which allows you to manipulate the code editor. But anyway, we do not. So We have to place the code inside the header section.

Embed Code Within Kajabi

Once you're on your Kajabi site follow these steps:

  1. Log into Kajabi.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Click on Site Details.
  4. Scroll down to Page Scripts section
  5. Paste the code in the Header Page Scripts.
  6. If you already have code there, place this code at the bottom. After any additional codes already in place. In my YouTube video I have 2 sets of codes already in place. 
  7. Click on Save
  8. Go to your blog on your Kajabi site and verify that it worked and the buttons are there and they are working.

Final Thoughts

Not that I will have any use for it but I did think it was pretty cool that you can track analytics in AddThis. 

And if for some reason you need to edit your buttons or would need to add any additional tools from the AddThis site, you can do so here by clicking on +ADD NEW TOOL. Please see image below.  

Cool beans. OK. That's it. By the way, if for some reason you don't have Kajabi yet (which I have no idea why you would be on this page if you didn't, but in case you don't or would like to refer a friend), I'd like to invite you to take advantage of getting Kajabi for free for 28 days by using my affiliate link below. 

By using my link and not going to their site on your own, you can enjoy an additional 14 days free trial. So go to their site and get a 14-day trial or use my link and get 28 days free trial and a free challenge from Kajabi that will help you get your site up and running in 28 days. Sweet! 

Grab your 28-day free trial of Kajabi and the 28-day challenge training here!

Watch the YouTube video here:


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