#1 Secret To A Highly Successful Webinar


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What do you do if your webinar is not making any sales?

In this blog post, I answer a community question about an attempt to make money with webinars.

If you want to do webinars for your business such as webinars for online marketing but you're not having success, this blog post will give you the #1 secret to a highly successful webinar. Don’t miss this step! Doing so can cost you sales.

Here's a question I received from Tamara:

"Hi Aprille, I think I’m losing my faith in Webinars. I’ve hosted 8 webinars with zero sales. What could I be doing wrong?"

👉🏾 So Tamara, without knowing the specifics of your webinar, I can't give you a specific result but what I can share, in my experience the biggest mistake that I see webinar creators make and is not being congruent or in alignment.

The most effective webinars are the ones where the offer, the topic, and the title are in total congruence with what your audience wants.

Now if you've landed on this blog post first and you haven't read or watched my previous two resources I encourage you to start with "Big Money Topics" first and then go to "Webinar Titles that Convert."  You can find both of them below! 👇🏾👇🏾

And then read how to create a webinar title here! 👇🏾

Everything Must Align.

If you choose to include a blog post and content upgrade in your funnel, the blog post, and content upgrade must also be in complete alignment. Here are the steps! 👇🏾

  • The blog post leads into your freebie or content upgrade (as it's called sometimes)
  • The content upgrade leads to the topic of your webinar
  • The topic leads into the title
  • The title leads into the intro section of the webinar
  • Which leads into your ORIGIN story
  • Then to your teaching content
  • Lastly, the next logical step which is your offer.

All of these pieces are aligned when they are all based on a particular result your ideal clients want. When you do that, you not only have an enrolling webinar, but your business is designed as an enrolling system.

Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash

It has to make sense.

Don't make your webinar topic something like "productivity hacks" and then try to offer your Microsoft Excel course. It has to naturally lead-in. It has to make sense.

And then your content, including the intro and the story, are there to support the Big Bold promise of the webinar, which is the title.

Now you know how to make sure your webinar is congruent with your offer, let me know if that makes a difference, I think you're going to be pleasantly surprised.

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Work With Me!

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