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So here's the deal... I got so much feedback from people just like you who want to really nail it with webinars. They talked about how mind-blowing and helpful a previous lesson I did talking about the Paradigm shift was for them. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the article right here...

I also received questions and comments asking me to explain the paradigm shift deeper as it pertains to actual examples. It sounds like a good concept, a good theory but how do you actually put it into action. So that's why we're here!

By the end of this blog post, it's my hope that you'll have a better understanding of how marketing and the paradigm shift play such an important part.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the activity of changing beliefs with the "intent" of exchanging offerings that have value for customers.

Marketing is the activity of changing beliefs with the "intent" of exchanging offerings that have value for customers.

They give you money in exchange for you giving them... most likely a shortcut. Why do you think items at a convenience store are priced higher than at a regular store... because you pay a premium for convenience.

A paradigm shift is changing a person's belief from thinking one way to thinking another. It's a whole new view. What we are doing on a webinar is creating a paradigm shift. If you can get people to believe what you are selling is worth something and that they need it before you even get to your offer, it's going to make transitioning into your offer so much easier.

Your entire webinar - is marketing. Your story when shared in a specific way is marketing. Your teaching content is marketing. It's all marketing.

Now I am going to get into three major shifts that you need to make in order for the paradigm shift to work in your favor.

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Shift #1: Your Solution

First things first, your solution. People are attending your webinar because they have a problem and they need help solving it. Your webinar is telling them exactly what they need to do to get their problem solved.

Your webinar shares the WHAT. Your course, coaching, or whatever your main product is going to show them the HOW. Your webinar could even do a deep dive into the first step of your method, solution, course, product, coaching. Yes, you can even use webinars to sell a tangible product.

If you have a step-by-step framework, this is where you're going to quickly run through your solution so that they get an overview of the new opportunity and how it works.

Anytime somebody adopts a new scenario or a situation they're gonna go through the same thought process: do I trust this thing that you're telling me? Do I trust that it's really going to do what YOU say it's going to do?

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An example with Meaningful Beauty

Let's use the example of Meaningful Beauty. Meaningful Beauty's "big bold promise" is to slow down the aging process in your skin. The thought process someone will go through is:

  • #1: "Do I really believe that meaningful beauty is going to slow down the aging process because they're using some new Melon, from Africa or wherever?
  • #2: Is this product going to do what it says it's going to do?"

That's the first objection. They are going to go deep as much as they can. But here's the thing, they are not trying to convince you that you need Meaningful Beauty, they are trying to convince you that you need this melon from Africa.

They go so deep in teaching about the melon that they even show you how it's harvested. So now all you need to do is hop on a plane, fly to Africa and harvest the melon yourself. They even talk about extracting the anti-aging properties from the melon... so you can find a local lab after you go to Africa and do the same thing.

It's just SO fortunate that they've already done the hard work for you. They've flown to African, picked the melons, paid the labs, done the testing, and put it in a tiny bottle all ready to go.

So they have to do a deep dive (without getting to technobabble....techno babble is using sophisticated words and jargon that a layperson wouldn't understand) so they do a deep dive on this melon to educate you to overcome your #1 disbelief in "does this really slow down the again process."

So don't hold back here. Now, could they go on YouTube, and piecemeal everything you just told them and figure out how to do this on their own? Well, yeah, of course, they could. But you know, we're not really worried about that. We're worried about helping people get a result, especially the ones that know that they can't do it on their own.

Even the ones that watched your webinar the first time, and was like - yeah, I get it. Then try to go Google each step and do it themselves, only to sign up for your webinar AGAIN, and be like - "Yeah I need this program, I tried to do it on my own and it would just be easier to let someone tell me step-by-step.

There are people who ask the grocery store clerk "Where can I find this?" and then there are those that spend half an hour looking for the ingredient themselves. Which one are you?

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Shift #2: Internal Beliefs

So part two of the paradigm shift is debunking their internal beliefs.

You know, when we are hearing the results of other people..."I went from zero to a million dollars in like six months." It's kind of like, well, that's good for you, that's good for your case study, and that's good for that person - but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to work for me.

You probably have a background in this. You probably don't have mindset issues. You probably have support. That worked for you because, but I'm not sure that's gonna work for me. So that's the internal belief.

The second section of your webinar is where you go into your people's most common internal beliefs and teach that as well. So what are their most common internal beliefs?

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Back to the example with Meaningful Beauty...

  • I don't see that many people in the infomercials with the same skin tone. So I don't know if it worked for me.
  • I don't believe it's going to work for me because I'm different.
  • I've tried other skincare products before and it didn't work for me.
  • I believe it works but just not for me... again I'm different.
  • I don't have time to do all this.
  • I don't know if I want to commit to this.
  • What if I don't like it?

Why am I talking like this? Because all these objections are going to come up in their mind.

All of these internal disbeliefs, excuses, and objections are ones that you need to make sure that you help them overcome.

So how would Meaningful Beauty teach this? Well, they'll have their one or two people of color talk about how they use it too and it's amazing.

They'll talk about what makes them different from all the other skincare products out there. And get this... you'll get to try for 60 days and if you don't like you can use it up and send back the empty bottles for a full refund no questions asked. There's no risk whatsoever.

I don't know maybe I'm getting my infomercials mixed up...anyways, you get the point.

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Shift #3: External Belief

The third and final piece of your content is their external disbelief.

So what's an External Belief? It's something beyond my control that will not allow me to pull this off. I just don't know if I have the resources available to me to pull it off. It could be a number of things but here are a few ideas:

  • It could be finances if you have a $5K coaching program that you're trying to offer them an external belief could be, they can't afford it.
  • Their hands are too small to play the piano or the guitar.
  • They don't have the right support.
  • Their spouse would never allow them to spend so much.

You also want to combat external beliefs during your teaching content.


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Back to the example of Meaningful Beauty...

Let's go over some external factors that may be seen with Meaningful Beauty.

  • For people whose external belief is that they are vision-impaired... they even have Accessibility Adjustments available.
  • If a person's external belief is that they don't speak English or English is not their first language, you can still order. Simply change the language to your native tongue so that you fully understand what you're getting and committing too.
  • If their external objection is financial... you can add a payment plan when going over your offer.

You can see how teaching your content in this strategic way is going to hype them up for your offer before getting to your offer?

I mean think about it...they are on your webinar that is going to solve their problem. They are on your webinar because they have a problem and your webinar told them that you're going to teach them how to solve it. If you get this right... why wouldn't they buy your offer? Or at least be interested!

They're going to be like..."OMG that was a sick-ass webinar... I'm pumped, but I told myself no more courses until I complete the one I already purchased."

You didn't have to convince them. They listened to you! They were able to see how it could work for them too. So they pretty much sold themselves. Additional questions that come up answer them all. The more questions you answer the more money you make!

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Now You Have a Better Understanding of Webinar Marketing & The Paradigm Shift.

I'm all about helping people say YES when they want to say yes and take action. I'm NOT about selling people things they don't need. I love to serve heart-centered service-based entrepreneurs that are out there serving and helping their audience. The world is sooo crazy right now. People are confused. People are hurting. People don't know what to do or what the future is going to look like. And if you have a course or coaching that is going to help them through this difficult time.

It's all about just motivating them and taking action so that they can live the best part of their life, whether they buy from you or not its just about helping them make a decision. I want to help you do that. I want to help you spread your gift of knowledge to the world.

So what happens next?

I've written a comprehensive 100+ page webinar workbook with actionable steps that will help you create and host your webinar in the next 30 days, I created this workbook because I wanted to share something more valuable than a checklist but less than a course.

And if you're looking for an easier way to create your first or even your next webinar, check out my Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit that includes the webinar worksheet, webinar slides in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Keynote and the launch planner. I created this template from myself so I wouldn't have to ever start from scratch and so you can get this too. Get the Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit here!

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