How to Create a Mini Webinar That Sells

(The Busy Mompreneurs' Guide to Creating Mini Webinars to Sell Low Cost Offers FAST!)

How to Start Where You Are With What You Got and Still be Profitable

In This Masterclass, You Will Learn:


How to use YouTube to pick the Perfect Webinar Topic 

My super simple YouTube hack for picking the perfect webinar topic QUICKLY and EASILY.


How to Feel Confident Delivering Your Webinar
(Even If You Don't Think You're an Expert)

The only mindset shift you need to adopt to show up as an expert so you can stop being the world’s best kept secret.


The Specific Framework I use to Sell on my Webinar without Being Salesy 

A simple and powerful framework to structure your webinar so that you can break through their objections and lead them straight to the buying decision.


Why you Only Need 5 Minutes to be Insanely Profitable 🤯

How to sell with more ease on your webinar without feeling like you have to convince or pressure your audience to buy, plus why take 60 minutes to sell when you can do it in five 🤩


"Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit has helped me get clear about what a mini webinar is and how I can use it in my business. After completing WJT, I was able to create a mini webinar in an hour along with an additional offer for my customers! Because of WJT, I have an additional income stream! Thank you Aprille for Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit!"

Natalie Collier
Founder of Co-Parenting Network