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Want tips on teaching content that delivers value AND leads to sales? This video will share the 3 types of webinar content that convert for coaches. So if you have an online coaching business and need content creation strategies for your webinar marketing strategy this short video will give you the goods.

These webinar tips are perfect for webinars for business, webinars for coaches, webinars for teachers, and webinars for trainers, experts, and service-based entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to learn the 3 types of teaching content that convert for coaches then watch this video and start getting coaching clients! If you enjoyed the video please give it a tweet out: https://ctt.ac/RrXn_

Let's begin...

To clarify what I mean by teaching contents I created a simple graphic that gives you a visual below.

First, you have the introduction of your webinar and in the end, you'll share what you have to offer. The content that is sandwiched between the two is called teaching content. It is what you present to your audience that teaches them and gives them value before you share your paid offer. These content strategies will help you convert viewers into paying clients.

Teaching Content Strategy #1 - Step-by-Step

The first way you can teach is with a step-by-step guide. For the sake of an example let’s say you are a coach with a 5-step process that you take your clients through to get the results that they want. You're just going to teach an overview of this 5-step process in your webinar.

Pro Tip! Use the power of three. I don't know what it is about human psychology but we just like the number three! Even if you have a five-step or a seven-step process, I want you to try to condense that down into three steps.

You may have to merge a couple of steps together or leave a couple of steps out in order to achieve this. No matter how many steps are actually in your program it would be wise to condense it down to three steps and teach that in your webinar. This gives your audience a view of your entire program but from 30,000 feet away.

Teaching Content Strategy #2 - The Deep Dive

The second teaching content strategy that leads to sales is the deep dive. Let's use the same example where you have a five-step process in your program. You are going to pick one of those steps or modules and do a deep dive. You may be thinking, how do you go into a deep dive so that people can actually take the information, implement it, and get a quick result? You can do this by digging deep into one module or one lesson.

I recommend doing module one, lesson one that way you're giving them that initial step they need to do in order to get a very quick result. Break the module into three steps and spill all the beans on how to master this part of what you are teaching.

When it comes time to offer your paid program they will see they can get the rest of the steps to achieve their end goal with you and it will be worth buying because what you gave away for free was so good!

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Teaching Content Strategy #3 - The Sample

Lastly, maybe you are just getting started or you don’t really have a framework to dig deep into. In this case, my recommendation is to do a sample of what you have to offer. Think of it as if you’re doing a discovery call or a strategy session. Instead of taking a single person through your strategy session with a one-on-one call, you are going to say the same things on your webinar! This way you are leveraging your time, shouting your message to the masses, and bringing many more people through the gap. One-on-one versus one-to-many!

With this strategy, need to ask everybody:

  • What it is that you want to achieve?
  • Where are you right now?
  • What's keeping you from getting there? 

Then if anybody wants to talk to you about their specific problems or business issues you can invite them to a one-on-one private call with you. This is where they go through an application process and become a client!

The Recap

There you have it! Three teaching content strategies for your webinar! First is the step-by-step strategy, next is the deep dive. Lastly, the third option is if you don't have a framework already, just give them a piece of your coaching so they can get an idea of your teaching style.

If you are somebody who's been thinking about hosting your very own webinar and you just don't know where to start I invite you to download my FREE 135+ page Webinar Jumpstart Workbook.



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