Steps To Achieve Goals: How To Make Goals And Stick To Them in 2020

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Do you struggle with finding time and energy to grow your business?

Are you in constant brainstorming mode that it becomes too overwhelming to determine the single most important task for your business?

Do you have so much to do that you literally just decide not to do anything?

If this sounds like you read on.

Below are 7 simple strategies that will have you feeling less stressed, feeling more energized, and getting more done in as little as a week.

Create a Vision

Goal setting starts with a vision. Does your business idea coincide with your ideal life? Your purpose?

Vision gives your life direction and ensures that you stay on the corrected path.

How do you spend your day and your money should align with your vision? Create a vision board. What do you want to be and do in 5 years or next year?

Be clear. Write out your vision.

Be Essential

While working a 9-5 and raising a family, this does not leave a lot of wasteful time.

Commit to working on your business daily and sacrifice other time sucking activities like television.

Have a girlfriend who yaks too much? You’re going to have to nip that when she calls.

What’s that one thing you need to do that by doing it, everything else will become easier or pointless?

What’s that one thing you need to do that by doing it, everything else will become easier or pointless?

Create Dated Goals

Start with your yearly goal. Can you see it? Write it down.

Now divide it into 4 equal parts (quarters). Divide the first quarter into 3 months. Divide the first month into 4 mini goals that you hope to accomplish at the end of each week. Divide your first week into 5-7 mini action goals.

Now here is the most important part. Every day look at one of your mini actions and decide on the 1 small action you can do to start that goal. For instance, if your goal is to do 1 load of laundry a day, your daily mini action can be to collect all the dirty clothes in one area.

Now, what’s the next mini actionable step you’re gonna do and when are you gonna do it?

Get Intentional (Batching)

As moms, it’s hard to find the time to soak in a warm bath, let alone block off time for our business. To tackle this, chunk.

Take similarly themed actionable items and do them all at once.

For example, once a week on the same day and time – 1st thing in the morning, over your lunch break (if you get an hour) or around midnight (if it’s safe) do all your errands [grocery shopping, banking, returning library books, paying bills, etc.].

You will save time that you do not have to waste and gas.

Create a menu plan that supports leveraging more time. When you grocery shop unpack all my meat.  Season your meat and then place the one you are going to save to cook on another day in freezer bags.

Create Routines

I love routines; it’s my precious (In my Gollum voice).

Create a morning, afternoon, and evening routine to run your home.

The theme of your morning routine is to make your evenings better.

Your afternoon routine is self-care and your evening routine sets the tone for the next morning.

Start small because you want a routine that sticks.  You don’t have to have an amazing 15 step routine completely together on the first try.

Create Routines for the Kiddos

Get your young ones on a bedtime routine.

If you have a child under 1, don’t underestimate the power of Johnson’s and Johnson’s Lavender Baby Wash.

If you have children that are a little older, give them jobs that they can manage. Such as wiping the toilet with a Lysol wipe after use so that when you get ready to clean it, it’s practically already clean.

NOTE: Make sure they mature enough to handle the chore, you wouldn’t want an accidental flushing of the Clorox wipes in the toilet.

Remember To Play

Don’t forget that your true passion is to be there for your family and play with your kids.

Be sure to incorporate play into your schedule. Play has been proven to generate ideas especially when brainstorming. Plus, play will wear out those little tikes in preparation for bedtime.

Play + Johnson’s and Johnson’s Lavender Baby Wash + Full Tummy = Lights out for baby

Bonus: Theme your Days.

Click HERE to read more about Dan Sullivan's "Three Kinds of Days" method, but below is the gist!

This planning system has really helped me keep my days organized and I wanted to share it with you!

(1) Focus Days – Revenue generating activities – Most Important Task-Actually doing what you went into business to do. (3 days)

(2) Buffer Days – Make phone calls, catch up on emails, tweak your website (3 days)

(3) Free Days – Rest – Give your brain a break so you can kill it and bring it home the next day.

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