From Breast Pumping in the Corporate Storage Room to Teaching Over 2000 Students Worldwide How to Grow Their Online Businesses with Webinars

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How I Got Started Teaching Online Business and Webinars

My first born baby and I were finally home and I placed him in his crib for the first time. I remember thinking "I can't believe those people trust me to take care of him, I can't keep a plant alive. 8 weeks later I returned to work and I remember crying in my 2009 silver Dodge Intrepid, sick to my stomach, heartbroken because I had to leave him.

It was on THAT DAY, while breast pumping in the Corporate storage room; I knew I had to do whatever it takes to work from home. I returned to school, changed careers and worked as a remote cancer registry consultant with minimum travel. But I still wasn’t happy. I couldn’t give my family the attention that I wanted.

As part of my consulting job, I would travel 847 miles, Midwest to east coast, to facilitate quarterly “corporate” meetings up until my 3rd maternity leave in December 2015. Once my leave was over and I was cleared for travel, feeling like I had no choice, I headed back during the January 2016 crippling and historic blizzard that left 3 feet of snow, while leaving my 7 week old son multiple states behind.

After returning home I vowed to grow a successful online marketing business and create a life more on my own terms. And on my journey found out, I wasn't alone. Other moms were facing similar situations. So I wanted to teach other entrepreneurs desiring to leave their 9 to 5 how to make money teaching what they know.

Entrepreneurship is Not All Gravy

Entrepreneurship can be very lonely. Your friends don't get it. Your family doesn’t get it. They don't understand why you're wasting all your money and time watching on this “thing”. And when your dreams aren't happening as fast as they think it should, then you get asked questions like "have you made that fortune yet?" or comments like "I saw your Facebook live where you were talking about your little business." Cringe.

These comments made me feel very small and didn’t empower me to show up. So after licking my wounds, I learned you can't share too much with those who aren't in the same mental space. Sometimes you can't share anything. Find the like-minded people and share with them.

Another thing that kept me stuck for so long was being the smartest person in the group. When you're the smartest person in the group or in the bunch, there's no one to help you grow. You're helping others grow to your level and now you're surrounded by your peers. And peers are great for keeping you exactly where you are. So in order to grow, I had to surround myself with people who were where I wanted to be. I needed to be around people who could inspire me to grow and get to that next level.

My Focus and Specialty

The coaching industry is said to be worth $2B worldwide, yet according to the International Coach Federation (ICF) statistics, 4 out of 5 coaching businesses will fail within the 1st two years. Marketing and sales are listed as contributing factors to the success or failure of service-based businesses.

These coaches know their skills. They know what they teach. The problem is coaches, consultants and other service-based entrepreneurs have a basic understanding of getting leads and then converting those leads to sales.

Coaches, who are able to create conversion friendly PowerPoint slide presentations, known in the entrepreneurial space as webinar marketing, can increase sales and build a solid business foundation for their growing businesses, I understand the struggles of balancing running a service-based business with the many commitments of caring for a growing family, because I’m living that life too!

The difference is I utilize my signature Webinar Funnel ‘ASSET Map’ to design and automate marketing assets that do all the heaving lifting on the backend of my business so that I’m able to spend time with my family and focus on growing my business. I’m now offering my signature Webinar Funnel ‘ASSET Map’ to coaches, consultants, speakers, authors and other service-based entrepreneurs looking to market and offer their services to potential clients through webinars to increase leads and accelerate conversion. Over 2000 students since 2016 have learned how to start and grow their online businesses and now it’s your turn.

The Greatest Advice if You Want to Find Success

My best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life would be to practice more gratitude. Celebrate all your successes. Celebrate even the tiny wins because they are all important. Be grateful for your failures because those are teachable moments too. Understand that you are already successful, but it’s just easier to look at where you’re not where you want to be versus how far you have come.

The more you can celebrate your growth, your lessons learned, and your wins the more wins you will attract and the more successful you will become.

The Definition of Success

There are 7 core areas of our life. Those areas are personal, environment, spiritual, physical, relationships, business or career and finances. Success means looking at your current situation in any one of those areas and having no regrets.

It’s not necessarily having the biggest house. It’s doesn’t mean having the best car or the finest partner. It’s knowing you intentionally gave it your all, let the chips fall where they lie, and you have no regrets. And if you were to leave this world tomorrow, success would be satisfied with the legacy you leave behind.

What's Next!

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7.9%, that about 12.6 million Americans are unemployed due to shutdowns and other pandemic related causes. Those figures do not include people who left their job to help with remote learning or those who had their work hours reduced.

People are scared for their family's financial future and they're feeling the pressure. These same people want to start a business but confused about what business to even start or if the business idea they have are even viable. I am so excited to be launching my Webinar Jumpstart Toolkit that serves as a baseline of the concept of webinars and equips you with the knowledge you need to begin to see sales in your service-based business and products.

I will also be launching my brand new course that will help aspiring entrepreneurs gain an unfair advantage with their business ideas.

How Can You Learn More

I am so humbled to be a resource with the most valuable online channel for entrepreneurs. Learn more about online business and webinar marketing by subscribing to my YouTube channel:

Get my book to learn more about webinars:

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No Thanks, I'd Rather Pitch for Free

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If you are new to pitching, coming up with story ideas can be challenging for business owners and entrepreneurs, however there are 3 PR Story Ideas that the media finds irresistible according to Sharon. Whether you pitching to local media or national media, sending these media pitch story ideas to your niche journalists can often result in media features. What the YouTube video

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