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If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, female entrepreneur, or business coach and mentor feeling that you have no chance to be noticed and seen here’s a fun and passion-drivened way to outsmart your competitors. In this post, you will learn 3 ways to outsmart your competition.

Here's a question I received from Amy:

"Hi Aprille, I am a new coach and can't wait until I'm ready for webinars. In the meantime, I feel so small. There are so many people I want to help but I feel like the world's best kept online dog training secret. How can I compete with brands like [she names a couple of brands that I won't mention]?"

OK Amy, I gotcha covered! I shared these exact ideas on Instagram and people loved it. I've also done these exact strategies and still do. Now let's get into it... how to outsmart the competition...

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1. Be the smartest person in the room.

Have you ever noticed that the larger the influencer the shorter the response to questions? Sometimes the influencer doesn't have the time to answer at all so they have their trained team answer.

It's a right of passage to finally make it that you leave it up to your team to answer the majority of the questions. This isn't being rude. It's just that once you get so many followers, it's impractical to respond to several comments per se.

Q: So how can you even measure up?

A: One thing I've done is my best to answer questions to people more thoroughly and take my time with it. And who knows, maybe it's because I'm just a rambler but I like to think it's because it's more personal.

Trust me...your post will get noticed and the person you've helped will be so grateful. Even the host of the FB group, or YouTube Channel owner, or whatever platform you're using may appreciate the help as it improves their community value. And at the end of the day, remember to serve.

2. Answer the question in the first place.

When you only have 5 followers it's easy to answer each and every one. But what about when you have thousands of followers... it's too much mental bandwidth to respond to all those questions.

I don't care how big your team is, that's where the little guy comes in. Answering a question that has been long overlooked will make the person feel special and again people will have their eyes on you.

Human beings have seven essential needs. One of those needs is the need for unconditional love, support, and belonging. You can meet this need just by acknowledging their presence and answering their question when no one else has. 

Go ahead and dust your shoulders off. Remember to serve.

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

Just for kicks, all seven essential needs of humans are:

  1. Physiological needs — The needs for food, water, air, sex,…
  2. Safety and stability needs — The needs for safe and stable environments
  3. Love and attachment needs — The needs for unconditional love and attachment to a family, group, society.
  4. Truth needs — The need to know and understand the world
  5. Self-Esteem/Power — The need to feel good about oneself.
  6. Alignment — The need to express who you truly are. 
  7. Connection — The need to make a strong and pure connection with your highest self

3. Be the hero.

This may come to a surprise to you but nobody is perfect, not me, not even you, not even them. There's bound to be a small group of audiences that are feeling lost, confused, alone, and sitting by the sidelines.

Listen to their questions (if they'll even ask them) and be the hero to their problem. In other words, niche down, find your 100 perfect people, and serve them well. Then they will sing your praises and tell the world. Corny, not corny. Remember to serve.

Bonus tip: At the end of the day, it's not like you're Walmart vs Target (or whoever competes with Walmart) you are a person... so there's really no competition because you are YOU...and nobody can top that!

Fantastic, you just learned quickly 3 ways to outsmart your competition...

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