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Marketing is how you take cold prospects and turn them into warm leads. You do not have time to waste so it’s important that your marketing is effective because confused minds do not buy.

But how does one know if their efforts are being effective?  Well, one thing I like to measure is how busy I am in reference to the sales I’m making.

If you feel like you are very busy in your business but aren’t seeing the sales you may be focusing on the wrong activities or your current marketing may need to be tweaked a little.

Here are some marketing revenue-generating activities you should be doing daily.

Content Creation

Every week you should be creating content for your ideal client. It could be a blog post, podcast, video, etc. Every week you should be nurturing your list with this content.

The point is so you do not hear crickets when you finally promote your offer or your webinar.

The weekly content should also be broken down into several tips or ideas and this could serve as your daily social medial posts.

Brand Awareness

Consistently be visible and promote your brand to your ideal clients.

This means posting content that your ideal client wants to hear and that also lines up with what you are selling.

You should like posts and comments that align with your offer.

Be strategic. When you get noticed and you will get noticed, your ideal client will add your name in the search function. You want her to know off the bat what it is that you do.

It will be hard for her to figure that out on her own if you are randomly liking and commenting on posts that have nothing to do with what you offer.

Daily Visibility

Be visible daily. FREE visibility means showing up on social media everyday and posting valuable content that solves your ideal clients' problem RIGHT NOW.

Paid visibility is the use of running ads. I like to mix the two.

When you show up consistently, you let your audience know that they can trust you.

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Opt-in Lines Up with Your Services

Make sure your opt-in is directly related to your services + solves a problem your ideal client needs to be solved right now.

For instance, if you are a VA, your market may suffer from getting focused and you have an opt-in to help them get focused, but what does getting focused have to do with any VA services you provide?

When you start to promote your offers, your audience will be confused with what it is you actually help with.

If you don’t remember anything else, remember this “confused minds DO NOT buy.

3/1 Ratio

When promoting your offers remember the 3/1 ratio.

For every promo (opt-in, product, service, etc) there should be 3 value-only content preceding the promo offer.

These specific value posts are called breadcrumbs and can turn a cold prospect into a warm prospect prior to you post your offer.

If all you do is a post or email your list to buy this, sign up, join me – this may work for the few that are looking for your exact offer, but you will not have nearly as many signups if you would have nurtured your audience in the beginning.

If you are only posting on social media once per day, with the 3/1 ratio you will only promote your offering once per week. You need to be promoting more than that.

Consider the 2/1 ratio when only posting once a day. 2 value posts per one offer. This means you will be promoting your offer 2 times per week instead of only once.

Remember Consistency

When promoting your offers remember consistency. You’re posting your 3 value posts or emails and now you are ready to post your offer, but are you still hearing crickets?

Does your valuable content line up with your offer? In other words, is there cohesiveness?

If you have an Instagram course to promote, it wouldn’t make sense to share content about getting clients on Facebook.

Or if you’re trying to get people to sign up for your Facebook Ads course, but your free value content is about optimizing Facebook page…huh? There’s a disconnect there.

Again, people are going to wonder what the hell do you actually do? They may have actually been looking forward to optimizing their Facebook page, but now they are lost and confused.

As I already said, “confused minds do not buy.

There will always be something to do.  There is no way you can get everything done. Every single day you are running your business you should at least be focusing on the revenue-generating activities that bring in more clients and more sales.

Daily marketing revenue-generating activities include:

  • Creating problem-solving content your ideal client wants to hear.
  • Being visible consistently on social media.
  • Creating and promoting your offers that help your ideal client solve their problem.

Of course, it doesn’t end here. Sales are how you turn those warm prospects into paying clients.

The bottom line is are you including these marketing strategies into your daily ritual?


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