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You may have heard that webinars are the best way to build your business the fastest. Sure, there are other ways, but I love webinars so I'm going to say it's the best and because I truly believe they are. If you're looking to add something new to your marketing strategy, webinars can give you an edge and deliver you some amazing results.

I love the way that webinars have helped me leverage my business and they have helped me scale my business very fast. I want the same for you so I want to share some insightful tips on how to make your webinar more successful. These are tips that I have learned myself or through my interviews have learned from other people implement it and they work!

Tip #1 - Do the Webinar

This may seem obvious but if you want to have a successful webinar the first thing you got to do is just have the webinar. You would be surprised by how many people are actually sitting on their content right now and still stalling.

I know this because I was one of them. I had my webinar presentation created but I just couldn't start because of my own mindset issues. I was afraid of failing, I was afraid of succeeding, I was afraid that I would put so much into my presentation and no one would even show up! Eventually, I convinced myself to just do it! Why not try and then prove whether or not it works.

Maybe you're not sure if your webinar topic is a good one. Try it out do a Facebook live and see how much engagement you get with that topic. If you do get a considerable amount of comments and people showing up for your live video, then you probably have a pretty good topic. From there just continue to poll, test, and tweak. So that's tip number one, just do the darn webinar!

Tip #2 - Webinars are Never One & Done

Sometimes a person will do a webinar one time, they don’t get the results that they were looking for, they get discouraged, and don't want to do it again. Webinars are never a one and done and I'm talking specifically about a live webinar here. You want to do live webinars so that you can get instant feedback and know what's working and what's not working.

Yes, you could record a webinar, set it up on automatic, and make it on-demand so it's running for you. However, if it's not converting it's a lot harder to understand what needs to be changed. It is important to have live broadcasts so you can engage with your audience, get that instant feedback, and survey them later.

Next, make sure you watch your webinar see how you have done. When I started to implement this part I realized that I say “like,“ you know,” and “umm” a lot! When I would hear myself on the replay I would cringe with all of my filler words. By watching myself it has made me very mindful of the way that I speak so that I can come out there and do a better presentation. I am by no means perfect and I still use these filler words but it is something that I mindfully work on! The more you try the better you will get.

Tip #3 - Bring Energy & Flow

Make sure that you have your flow right. The flow of information that you present for your webinar is very important. You want to make sure that you sound as if you were just freely talking and that your voice is conversational. You don't want to sound robotic, choppy, clunky in your delivery. And you don’t want to sound like you are reading from a script. Even though your slides are beautiful you want to make sure that you're giving energy and you actually want to be there!

Oh my goodness, presentation is everything! Have energy and be excited to be there! Yes, you're giving valuable content but the delivery of the content is that your audience is going to be excited about! Make sure the flow is upbeat and you're excited and people will want to stay for the entire webinar and listen to your sunshine personality!

Tip #4 - Prep Your Audience for a Pitch

I want you to use the beginning slide to prep your audience for your pitch that you're going to give at the end of your presentation. This is with the assumption when you do your webinar you're going to pitch something at the end, whether that be:

  • a discovery call 
  • your group coaching program 
  • your signature coaching program 
  • some type of ebook or product

Regardless of what you are offering you're going to pitch them at the end. Many people have problems transitioning into that pitch and one of the ways I find that makes it easier is to just be transparent and upfront. In the beginning, before you actually dive into your content you're just going to say something like:

“Hey, I know a lot of people struggle with XY&Z, so after I teach this content you may want to want to work with me further and get more support, so at the very end I am going to introduce my new program on how to - fill in the pain point you will help solve!” 

What I love about being upfront and transparent is that when you get to the end of your webinar and you get into “the pitch”, whoever is still on that webinar wants to see what you have to offer. You already told them at the beginning that you are going to be selling something at the end and they are sticking around to see what that is!

Tip #5 - Audience Engagement is Important

I touched on this a bit above, but let’s dive into it a little more. Audience engagement is extremely important! We don't want to lecture, yes we want them to learn but it could be pretty boring just sitting there and looking at a slide presentation. You want to keep them engaged by asking short and simple questions so it solidifies the fact that they are in the right place and you are the person that can help them.

Obviously, they are on this webinar, because they are struggling with something that you can help them solve. If they're too bored or get distracted because you're not engaging them, then they're going to miss out on a great opportunity to get their problem solved. It is vital to keep your audience engaged because if they don’t stay until the end of your presentation then they're not going to hear your offer, therefore, you will not make a sale.

Tip #6 - Start Simple

The last tip, start simple! This kind of goes with just getting started. It does not have to be complicated where you go out and buy all of the lastest and most expensive webinar software and equipment. Yes, you need the basics like a microphone, but my point is don’t let anything stand in your way of taking action and getting your webinar out there!

Just start simple and make the best of what you do have at your fingertips! Your slides don't have to be that fancy. Sure, slide presentation and design are important but if you really focus and do a good job in delivering a solution to your clients’ pain point then they're going to listen. They're going to be on your webinar for your awesome content. All of the bells as whistles are great, but like Amy Porterfield says, “start simple and get fancy later!”

Story Time - A time I started before I was ready!

Let me tell you another story about another business I had that I started in 2010. It was a slide show business where I put photos on DVDs and I hadn't started this business yet I had just ordered the equipment I needed from Amazon and I was waiting on the shipment to be delivered to my home. I was starting to work on my website a little bit for the first two days. I was using WordPress and I checked the box so that Google wouldn’t add my unfinished site into the search engine quote yet.

I was about 15% done with my website on day 3 of working on this business when someone reached out to me and booked by services. Later I asked how he found me and low and behold it was from my 85% incomplete website, he saw my contact information and reached out! At first, I was a little embarrassed that someone saw my work be so incomplete and raw but then I came to my senses and realized that if someone booked me with this then imagine what it will be like when I am completed! 

Story Time -  A time where I persisted and it paid off big!

When I did my first webinar the entire funnel was not complete. There are a lot of moving parts with webinars and I did not have all of my automation in place. My first webinar I grossed a whopping $0! Sure I was disappointed but guess what, I did it again.

On my second webinar, I actually made a sale! You guys, I sold my $10K premium coaching package program! AND I still didn't have the dang funnel all completely setup and everything now yes because it wasn't completely set up it required me to be more hands. This is part of the reason I am so passionate about and teach systems because I have done it the hard way!

When I was just starting out I didn't have my system all structured and lined out but I was still able to get a pretty high ticket price item sold. And I was able to help that client have a really awesome transformation because I didn't get all tripped out in my ego. I could have been like ”I can't do this because I have to add three more emails because that's what they told me I have to do,” but instead I just went out there and did it!

I hope you enjoyed these six tips and you put them into action! Like always, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have!


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