3 Steps to Better Customer Testimonials

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If you’re building a business you will want better testimonials. How many times have you relied on an Amazon.com review to help you make a purchase decision? Your business is exactly like that! People are so much more likely to buy if there is social proof & I am going to show you how to get raving reviews!

People Rely on Reviews to Make Purchases

If you were thinking about purchasing a product from Amazon and only received two stars however the reviews were very thought out and written other then just a few words “This sucks, don’t buy” you would take those reviews to heart.

On the other hand, if you wanted to purchase a product and it received five stars, you rarely relied on the testimonials that said: “This product is great would recommend.” No, not at all.

You sought those testimonials that seem to be two or three paragraphs long explaining interesting details about the product itself.

These testimonials collectively influenced your purchase to buy or not to buy.

The same thing goes for testimonials for your product or service.

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They Need A Guide

Stop asking for testimonials without a particular guide to give your past clients. Otherwise, you may get a testimonial, though good, lacking essences needed to attract more clients.

Another reason you do not want to ask for an open-ended testimonial is that a lot of times a client is so impressed that they really want to give you a great testimonial.

So they put it off until they have more time to give you a really really good one.

Not that I’m knocking this, some testimonials received this way can be quite fabulous.

However, a lot of times this gets put on the client’s to-do list and now you’re waiting days or so wondering if you should remind them again without sounding pushy or desperate.

Step 1-2-3 Approach for Better Testimonials

Next time you ask the client for a testimonial,

Step 1. Give them this simple 2 question template:

  1. What was the barrier, or pain, or situation that led you to seek help?
  2. What was the outcome you received by working with me?

Step 2. Receive a response to the questions. Ask for clarity if needed.

Verify your client accepts any changes you made to grammar etc.

Step 3. To create your testimonial subtract the questions themselves, but leave the answers.

Now you have a testimonial that is a little more appealing, more real and more useful because it explains the pain and then it explains the result that they received.

Other people reading this testimonial may have the exact same pain point and therefore they will know that your solutions work. Better yet, your solution rocks.

Here’s an Example, The Before and After

Stop getting testimonial like this:

“I tried the weight program and it was fabulous, I even got a date out of it.”

And start getting better testimonials like this:

“Every day I would wake up so discouraged and so alone. I knew I wanted to lose weight but didn’t know how to go about it. After trying several gyms, I was ready to give up.

I heard about So-And-So’s program from a friend and so I decided to try it. My last attempt.

OMG, not only did I lose the weight, but I was able to keep it off.

Because of my new found confidence, a guy who I’ve always had a crush on for some reason decided to ask me out. And he is so nice this never would’ve happened if I had emotionally continued in my “Eeyore” attitude.

So-And-So’s program really works.”

Try it on Your Next Client

People rely on reviews and testimonials to help them make a purchase.

Though they are important, most people are not sure how to leave a testimonial that spotlights your service quick and easy.

Clients may feel to leave a testimonial properly, it’s going to have to be very long and lavish.  And this may cause them not to act quickly.

Give your clients two questions for better testimonials.

Try this approach and let me know how it goes in the comment section below!


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